Monday, August 11, 2014

Something Beautiful & Breakable That Lights Up In The Dark.....ɞ

Happy Monday Mon Amis! I hope your weekend was full of love and beauty and that today brings you smiles and the start if an amazing week! I have a small blog for you with new stuff! So let's get to it!

So to start I'm sure you noticed my adorable hair! It's a super cute diva-like kind of updo- and every day relaxed bun hair style! It's from Ploom! New too! I was really excited about this hair because I can wear it obviously and because I like these bun hair styles. They're so casual and fun! There are two other hairs as well out by Ploom! Both work for toddleedoos too! For my outfit- I picked the Lazy Sunday set from Little Nerds! I really like cozy high wasted leggings look lately with the cute crop tops. They're appropriate for kids but they add a hint of sass to the outfit! I actually paired the leggings up with a pair of Turducken legging cuffs too to bring it all together!

For my second look, the bran new hair by D!va and you can find it at Collabor88 and it's two styles in one (which by the way, this round of Collabor88 is SO PRETTY)! These adorable pigtails or little messy loop-bun pigtails. I like D!va for Toddleeedoos, the strands of hair are realistic for us kids because we're kids! So I was definitely excited when I realized that both the hairs worked for us! For my outfit, it's new from Lil Big Me. It's a super cute cowgirl outfit and I just love it paired with this hair! Lastly, my little Farmer friend! It's my Farmer kitty by Little Closet and he can be found at Woodlands Gacha!


ʚ..Now, something has been eating at me lately. For those who know me, know I use plurk frequently for SL! I've seen so many negative things lately and it's really started to make me feel a little sad! So if you're reading this and you're having a little bit of a hard time. Chin up, it always gets better! You are beautiful and meaningful and you are worth so much to this world. I really hope you all know that.


[Little Nerds] Pocket Friend Outfit - TD
.ploom. Missy - Ploomage
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Plain Leggings - Neutral Black (Cuffs)

""D!va"" Hair "Juno" (Brown diamond) (B)
Little Closet - Cuddle Cats - Farmer - RARE
Slink Mesh Lids and Lashes
{Lil Big Me} Country Girl Outfit

That's it! I hope your day is beautiful and perfect and I will see you all next time! 
xo, Riles.....ɞ


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