Monday, August 4, 2014

We're not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again.....ɞ

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was amazing! I went to Woodland Gacha this weekend and sorted through everything! This is a somewhat long post so bare with me!

If you've seen any ads from Woodland Gacha or even stepped into there this round, you'll see that there is no shortage Disney inspired things, and good thing too! I adore Disney and as I've probably mentioned about 100 times in the past, I LOVE Belle & Beauty & the Beast! So when I saw that Noodles did this crazy awesome and unique masks... I was ALL over that! I asked my brother and my future daughter Sophie to give me a hand with these! I of course am wearing the Belle mask! Raven is wearing Mermaid Prince and Sophie is wearing a snow white one! We also have a few little friends around us from Little Closet, Soken Kids TD & LVS kids! On Raven is a shirt from One Eleven which you can find at Woodland Gacha
I'm sure you've noticed my face looks quite different then usual. The first two photos of this blog I'm wearing Cute Byte's mesh head! There are a bunch you can win from the gacha and they're cute! They aren't animated and I hope that different heads are available and are animated because I'd definitely transition to that head full time but for now, this one was fun to play with! I'd definitely pick one up if I were you! Also, on me is a tank from Little Nerds which is so so cute and shoes from Sassafras in my favourite colour, Lavender!
On Sophie, she has on an outfit from Petite Bebe and it's super super cute and a Cuddle cat from Little Closet. Both from Woodlands Gacha!


For this next look I snuggled up to one of my oldest most wonderful friends in SL, Gemma! Again I have my Cute Bytes head on too! We're both in Woodland gear and we're using a very special pose that Gemma made- Tiny Gems! It's a really cute napping pose and I love it! For a shirt she is wearing a Garden Shirt from Raggmuffins and I'm wearing a shirt from Little Nerds again and snuggling my Tink doll form LVSKIDS which are all so so cute!


For this third photo I'm obviously chit chatting with my new super hero friends. They're all by Boogers and just recently out at Woodlands Gacha! I love loove how cute they are! We're just, you know, plotting the safety of our land!I too am wearing a cape and for my superhero outfit a panda set for Little Nerds! My last super adorable piece is from Tea.s! It's the Monogram necklace and I loooove monogram pieces and these are so cute even my Bubby Raven wore the one I got him!


For this last photo there is a bunch going on! I'm sure you noticed Sophie wearing this hair earlier- I'm wearing it too and it's brand new from Love Soul! It's waaaaay cute and it goes well with my onesie from Little Nerds. A long with my outfit and hair, my shoes are the new group gift from Sassafras- they're cute anchor sneakers and a pair of glasses from EB! For my toys I have the Cute Cat from Little closet, the adorable mouse stuffy from Larnia Kids and the Frost Princess mask from noodles! Lastly, that pretty Belle inspired box from NACH- I love it so so much and it's now on my dresser!

That's all! I kept the explanation to a minimum to keep it quick and clear! Check below for the specifics!


ʚ.Look 1
ʚ.On Riley
Sassafras Kids - Lavender Sneakers
*CB* Baby Mesh Head #1 - STEADY
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Plain Leggings - Neutral White
#9 [Little Nerds] Mustache - Top - B&K
Little Closet - Cuddle Bunny - Marshmallow RARE
Noodles - Beauty Princess Prop
Amacci Hair - Greta - Brown Pack
Schadenfreude Dusk Wombat

ʚ.One Raven
{LSP} Twilight Sneekers
- One Eleven - TD Talk - Party Naps
{Dulcet} Beauty Princess Nails
[tea.s] Princess Monogram Neclace - R
bh ~ petit oiseau alphabet bracelet (R)
Noodles - Sleeping Prince Prince Prop
 YJ - Crown - Silver Amethyst
[HD-WG] Pop-Ums Mason RARE
[SKTD] Red Colorful Wagon 
Little Closet - Cuddle Cat - Smokey

ʚ.On Sophie
[love soul] Hair*148 Ash Brown
Petite Bebe- Vintage Outfit Dotted (Blue) Rare
Turducken ToddleeDoo- Cork Sandal- Floral Creme
Noodles-Fairest Princess Prop
Little Closet- Cuddle Cats- Bunny Hoodie - Rare

ʚ.Look 2
ʚ.On Gemma
tram  D428 hair / brown
 --Ragamuffins-- TD KID Garden Shirt (Woodlands)
Minuet - Denim Belted Shorts - Medium - KID

ʚ.On Riley
*CB* Baby Mesh Head #1 - SLEEP
.ploom. Madison - Browns
#9 [Little Nerds] Mustache - Top - BABY
{LBM} Ashlyn Bloomers - Baby
{tg.} {tg.} - Afternoon Rest

floorplan. sleepover tent gacha / vintage

ʚ.Look 3
[Little Nerds] Chubby Panda Shirt & Pink Polkadot Leggings
{k} super hero cape {red}
<:*BoOgErS*:> Beebles (Tiffany, Olga, Zenith, Kathy & Billy)
[tea.s] Princess Monogram Necklace - R

ʚ.Look 4
[Little Nerds] Blue Summer Girls  - Onesie Outfit - Mesh - BABY
Noodles - Ice Queen Prop RARE
[LOVE SOUL] Hair*148*Bitter Brown
::EB:: Peacock
Sassafras Kids - ANCHOR SHOES
NACH Beauty and The Beast Movie Inspired Music Box RARE
LK ~ Matchbox Mice - Royal Court (purple)
Little Closet - Cuddle Cats - Dino Hoodie - RARE

That's it! I hope this helped a lot! I still have pieces I wanted to blog so you'll see a follow up blog in about a day or two! Have an amazing Tuesday! 
xo, Riles.....


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