Tuesday, August 5, 2014

You'll learn things you never knew, you never knew.....ɞ

Happy Tuesday going into Wednesday! It's already mid week yay! So I have a release blog for you and I had SO much fun with this one and it's just insanely cute.


SO I love doing release blogs, true, I love blogging in general but release blogs are one of my favourites for sure. It's probably because whether it's intended or not, a lot of releases have a 'theme' or a certain style. When I did clothing, I did it without realizing and sometimes it was inspired by a texture, something I watched or even a mood. Turducken did a super cute brand new release last night and it had this sweet lace meets boho meets hippie feel to it.. which is like my favourite things ALLL meshed into one insanely adorable release- SO I am bringing you a few outfits from the new release!

I grabbed 2 of my hearts to help me with this today. Tess and Livvy! Tess has on two separates pieces- the shorts and the shirt. You have the choice of about 8 colours I believe to pick from from each set! The top is a bodysuit and you have a choice of long, 3/4 length or short sleeves and then these cuuute lace shorts to match!

The second outfit is the one I'm wearing from the release! It's this cute hippie dress. It comes in two colours, beige and the white I am wearing! I love how different it is and waaay cute! it comes with this adorable headband and shoes, but I paired the shoes with my barefoot sandals. This is a must have for any closet.

Lastly on Livvy, this crazy cute boho dress! There are 5 colour to choose from and each and everyone are so adorable. I love these style of dresses a lot specially like Livvy is wearing it- with a pretty, long vintage necklace!

For decor my Livvy helped by putting out the brand new Vespertine tent and lights, which went SO so perfetcly and you can by picked up at Uber. Also a super cute little Ionic fox that you can grab brand new at Chapter Four!

Each of these outfits are adorable and there is a swimsuit you can get and another cute summer outfit there as well and EVEN a group gift! So make sure you're making your way to Turducken for the newest release!

ʚ.On Riley
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Lylee Dress - White *new*
Noodles - Lil Rose Barefoot Sandals TD Baby Hot Pink
[ 69 ] JESSICA 02 - Ash Brown Collection
Noodles - Peaceful Daisy Necklace Rose Gold

ʚ.On Livvy
Tegan Outfit in Cyan - Turducken ToddleeDoo *new*
Heart Locket/Gold - Yummy
Tortoise frame glasses - TokiD
Charlotte Blossom Hair flowers - Baby Pie
Elyse - Truth 

ʚ.On Tess
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Vintage Onesie - White *new*
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Lace Shorts - Cream *new*
""D!va"" Hair "Mayumi3" (Type A)(Moon stone)
Little Closet - Boho Sandals - Cotton 
.click. Stick-On Earrings #9
.trinket. nautical hand stamped bracelet - mermaid rare 

 blanket fort/indian & lanterns - vespertine *new* @ uber
Zorrito Sentado - ionic *new* @ Chapter Four
Resting Deer/Natural -- +half-deer+

That's it! I hope your day or night is amazing and lovely and that you pulled a little something from this blog! Have a great one!
xo, Riles.....


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