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Communication and Happiness in Second Life

Hi everyone! I’m Summer and I’m looking forward to getting to spend time with you on this blog. Sometimes I will post as me and sometimes my brother, Noah (*cough* my alter ego *cough*), will post. Hopefully, we will always have something of interest for you readers out there.

So, this post is my first and therefore I wanted to write about something that not only introduces you to who I am, but is also something that is quite important in Second Life. I’m referring to communication and how it leads to happiness in SL. I think it is something that we can all relate to on some level in our lives. We all know that communication is key in our real lives, but in Second Life, it is extremely important too. In some ways, I think it might be even more important here in our world, due to the fact that as SL kids, much of our communication takes place in a type-chat setting.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us can relate to the following scenario. You are chatting with your family or friends in SL, and say something that in your mind sounds non-aggressive. The thought is not even on that realm of intention. However, someone in that group interprets it in a negative way. They hear tone in that statement, even though type chat cannot properly display “tone” in the normal sense of the word. After this statement is made… well that’s where the situation can take a turn from the pleasant to the point of wanting to crawl under a table. This is common. It is hard to convey true tone in anything we say in type-chat. That goes for any social media too, but here I’m discussing Second Life only.

Photo By: Syrah Evans (My SL Mommy)

 So, how do we avoid these misunderstandings? Well, I’ve messed up in this area quite a bit, so I’m definitely not an expert in answering that question. Usually, I’m the person misinterpreting what is said, and I end up blowing it up and out of proportion, then feeling hurt about something that technically didn’t even happen as it appeared to me.

But, see… this is where communication comes into play. For those with good communication skills, this isn’t much of an issue, as they know how to properly take care of the situations that arise. But, for people like myself who struggle in the area of communication, it can be quite difficult. When something difficult arises, I tend to shut down. This goes back to my real life childhood, and it transfers into my SL world perfectly, unfortunately. I get quiet and will distance myself from the situation as much as possible. I do this for a couple of reasons. One reason is due to becoming overwhelmed by how I feel and not knowing how to deal with it. The second reason is due to not wanting to say something that will hurt those I love and care about, so I step away from the situation to try my best to avoid that. Unfortunately, though, that doesn’t always happen in time.

Obviously, that isn’t the best way to deal with problems anywhere, including SL. So, that is when communication can help make difficult situations turn out well and allow happiness to re-enter the atmosphere. Happiness is always important in life, but in Second Life it’s of even higher importance. Let’s face it… we are here in SL because we want something here that we maybe don’t have in real life. We are looking for happiness in some form or another. Therefore, if we aren’t getting that happiness, then it makes Second Life a lonely and sad place, which then overflows into our real lives.

It’s for this reason that communication should be high on the list in aiding misunderstandings or outright nasty arguments. It never feels good to get into an argument with a family member or friend. It hurts and it feels like a gnawing pain in the gut of my stomach when I have had disagreements with friends and family here in SL. I will go to bed crying and aching inside due to how it feels. But, there’s one huge reason for that… because the communication did not take place when the problem first arose. Rather than talk out the problem sooner, I shut down and essentially allowed it to fester inside of me, as well as the person with whom I had the misunderstanding.

So, see? Communication can help things resolve much faster and welcome happiness back into our lives much faster too. However, this isn’t to say that everything is skip-through-the-poppies perfect after these often difficult talks are done. Emotions still need to calm. People still need to reach a point of being ready to apologize, forgive and accept forgiveness. That’s another step in the communication process that involves working to repair that trust and friendship or kinship. That takes time, but hopefully since the first stages of communication take place, things can come a little easier and can go more smoothly for all parties involved.

Photo by: Syrah Evans (My SL Mommy)

 Just remember everyone. Happiness is important for all of us, so let’s all try to communicate better with those whom we love and care about in this world of kids and families in SL. I wish you all lots of happiness in your lives in both real life and Second Life.

“Happiness is anyone and anything at all, that’s loved by you.”
                                                                                 ~ Peanuts


Mommy Daughter & Solo Tree Photos 
Together Pose: Tiny Tot Poses "Piece of Life"

Adult Clothes: 
Pants: Client Female Rocker Jeans
Shirt: *Dreams* White "Merry Christmas Tee"
Shoes: AQUA Women's Black Leather Sneaks
Eyes: Izzie's Natural Mesh Eyes *Crystal Blue*
~Mynerva~ SoulHeart Eyes -Royale-
Eyeshadow: Izzie's Ginevra Eyeshadow Brown
Freckles: Izzie's Ginevra Freckles "Sunkissed" (Body & Face)
Hair: [e] "Flattery" Blonde 09
Skin: Izzie's Ginevra Skin "Sunkissed" LB CL

Kids Clothes: 
Outfit (Coat, Pants and Shoes): Marmelade "Under the Wind"
Hat: Muddy Buddies "Santa's Best Buddy Santa Hat" 
Eyes: *By Snow* Elven Eyes (Sky)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - "Danni" Dark Brown 01, Amacci Bald Base
Shape: *Aura's* Enchanted Julie for Toddleedoo
Skin: ~Mynerva~ "Little Julie" Champagne B
Brows: ~Mynerva~ "Jane" Brown Brows
Freckles: R.icielli - Freckles 1
Necklace: Creator: Angelia Heartsdale "I love you to the moon and back"
Bracelet: *BOOM* Blue Friendship Bracelet

Charlie Brown Photo
Charlie Brown Outfit (Shirt, Shorts and Shoes) by Cade
Pose: Sits by Peacey - Kgsit13a26
Puppy: VKC Dogwood Puppy

Writing & Sad Photos
Pose: *Little Posers* "Letters Home 1 Pose
~Posey~ "Daydream" Pose
Izzie's - "I'm not feeling very well" Tears + Redness Tattoo more intense

* Mommy and Daughter Photos taken by Syrah Evans
* Other photos taken by me, Summer Pedalo


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