Thursday, November 28, 2013

Winter Nerd

Today I went for a walk in the snowy forest...

I put on my secret magic glasses from [kik], they enable me to have the sharpest view there is! >.>

To stay perfectly warm I am wearing the Mystery sweater from Dream which I got from the Bubblegum Alley gatcha event.. The sweaters are currently not available but will be again soon, once the InWorld store is back.

I finally found a skirt from Petite Bowtique that goes along with a mesh sweater without colliding into each other...
It was part of the Fifty Linden Friday outfit called 'Piper'.

My hair is a rather oldie one, 'Neve' from Truth but I think it still works great and since we Toddleedoo don't have too many options with mesh hair, this was a great alternative. :)

Of course I had to add some warm tights... Mommy would never allow me to go out without them. :P
They were part of the Usagi outfit from Sew Cute.

To match everything I wear some warm pink funky boots from Marmelade.

Not to forget, the mittens! They are resizeable and if you make your hands invisible you can fit them to any outfit. :) I found them in a store with lots of cute knick knacks, called LEONARD.

That is all, have fun shopping and stay warm! ♥

Oh and if you want to visit the place for a nice winter walk, this is your taxi :D


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