Wednesday, May 21, 2014

But I know every rock and tree and creature, has a life, has a spirit.....ɞ


Hii! Okay so I wasn't really planning on blogging today, it just sort of happened while I was changing and stuff! I threw together a cute little run around outside outside set! I wanted something, earthy and just easy to play in. 

I'm sure you've seen Turducken's overalls! They're part of the Ember outfit, along with the adorable shoes I have on. I changed it up a little and matched it with Little Closet's Basic white tee, in Sky! For my adorable hair, I was at C88 and picked up the new mesh Tram hair! It's unrigged and really cute! There are two versions, this one and bangs that are straight across! Both are equally as adorable!

For my cute little headband, I put on Little Closet's Chocolate Bear Headband, which is actually a group gift at the mainstore! They have a lighter version and then this one, I love them both so so much!

Lastly, behind me, I have my little plane. Oh my gosh, it's adorable. It's from and old Woodland round and by Pixel Products. There is a rezable version and a wearable version and oh gosh, when you wear it and run, it's insanely cute. There is a noise that gets played of a kid making airplane noises and I love it SO much! Every kid needs one and of course mine is the princess one!

That's it, simple and cute and easy to grab if you want to get something similar!


ʚ.Today's Look

tram  D428 hair / brown&black

.trinket. ribbon and pearl bracelet
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Ember Outfit - Pink
.trinket. lamb silhouette ring - mixed metals rare
.trinket. hand stamped bracelet - peace silver
Little Closet - Basic T-Shirts- Sky
Little Closet  - Chocolate Bear Headband
Noodles - Fairy Tale Mystery One- RARE
The "Princess" Plane

That's all, something simple for you today! I have a few things lined up to be blogged this weekend, so stay tuned! Peace out girl scout!

xo, Riles.....


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