Friday, May 30, 2014

Let it roll right off your shoulders, don't you know, the hardest part is over....ɞ

Happy Friday beautiful lovelies! I have a little simple, but relaxing post for you today! A few new things and a few oldies! Follow me.....


SL can be hectic, with so much always happening and everything happening so fast, it's always good to find a little spot to just sit down and.... be. That's something that's really important me, that time I get to sit quietly either by myself or my family or a few very close friends and just be peaceful. It helps me remember the beautiful things in this crazy second life. So I have a small little example of the kind of place I'd come to, to just do exactly that!

Of course, like any awesome hiding place, there needs to be treats! I put out a few treats from 8f8! I really love these treats. I played specifically for all the treats! If you notice, the little Desk and the Ring toss set are both new! They're from *.emm and out right now and early for The Neighborhood! I'm definitely swapping out my desk in my room with this one! I love the colour and there are a few other colours available too! The ring toss is just adorable and comes in 2 different colours! The detail on both are so great! I'm also sitting on an adorable little cushion from Cheeky Pea! it has some cuuute sits and looks great in a little hiding space!

For my outfit I have on one of Baby Couture's newest outfits! It's really summery and fun. I really like those vintagey off white and rose tones lately so this was right up my alley. A definitely must have along with a few other releases she has out! On my feet, the new Just Kidding Sandals in white! They'll be out for the Family Flea Market! For my amazing tights! Cannibelle is releasing two adorable tights for Fit for a Princess opening June 1st! I'm wearing cute jewel ones! You'll definitely need to pick them up! Lastly, my hair! Truth released a hair today named Birdy! It has these two adorable buns! They're removable so you don't need to wear the full hair to wear the buns or the buns and the stick (The full hair is rigged mesh!). I loooved that I was able to pair it with the Harriet hair so nicely, not much modding needed. You alllll need to grab it!

That's it! I hope you enjoyed my little hiding place as much as I did!

ʚ.On Riley
TRUTH HAIR Harriet -  browns *Bob*
TRUTH HAIR Birdie -  browns *Buns*

~Cannibelle~ Crown Jewels Tights
bC - Rose Floral
jk: Tropica Sandals - TD - White

8f8 - Cupcakes (Boxed)
8f8 - Mochi Bears (Boxed)
*. emm ; vintage little desk { tiffany }
*. emm ; ring toss { outdoor decor } /teal
:CP: Alice Floor Pillow - Musical
jk: my old bunbun

There it all is! Don't forget, Arcade will be opening in just a few days, so stay tuned for Arcade posts! Have an amazing Saturday and happy shopping Fashionistas!
xo, Riles....ɞ

(Mommy, this song is for you!)


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