Thursday, May 29, 2014

Every moment gets better....ɞ


Happy mid week princesses! As you can probably guess, I have a super cuuute and busy, princess-ey blog for you guys today! As you can probably see there are a few of us here! I got together a few of my amazing friends to give me a bit of a hand with alllll of this, so join us and see what we've got for you!

So, Little Big Me has released Modern Princess dresses! They're a modern day kid version of the Disney Princesses. There are 5 princesses. Elsa, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine and Ariel! They're super cute and very well done and I was SO excited to blog them. Right now one is out at the store, Elsa so you can run and grab that one right away! The other four will be June 1st!

Okay! So above I have Modern Jasmine (Modeled by Sophie), Frost Princess (Modeled by Katie) and Modern Snow (Modeled by my Seastar Payton)! I absolutely adore all three! They're super cute and I really like that Snow is a more... every day kind of dress, so if you want to run around like Snow White, without wearing a gown, this is perfect! I've accompanied Snow White with a cute Back Pack by Snips & Snails called .S&S. Sweetie Backpacks - Apple (see what I did there?)! I really like these backpacks, I've been wearing them around a bit lately and they're just insanely cute! Jasmine is being accompanied by an toy from a past Arcade round! It was perfect, seeing as Jasmine has a pet tiger! Now, you can't quite get the Jasmine and Snow set yet, They will be out June 1st for Fit for a Princess! But make sure you do stop in to grab those when the event begins!



Lastly, the two princesses above! Modern Belle and Modern Mermaid! I love BOTH these outfits, because they're so reminiscent of the actual princesses without, again, being gowns! I'm wearing Belle, and it's a very cute one piece tunic set and it's obviously meant to be Belle prior to her meeting the Beast! Which I love because, that's the Belle I found I tend to love the most! I do want to draw attention to my new sandals! You'll probably see them a bit in the best blog or two. They're by Just Kidding and brand new. They'll be out for The Family Flea Market. They'll be available next month, but the cool about them is that they'll be available for TDs, as well as rigged mesh from regular kids/adults. So you could potentially make it a family thing! But they're cozy and cute and adorable for summer. And as you can see, I've also paired my outfit with a Snips & Snails bag- Chocolate Cake (Beast is brown... see what I did there?)!

Next, we have Ariel modeled by my Parabatai Livvy. I all around, love this one! The cute shell hair piece and the necklace it's just so Ariel, and the whole outfit is Ariel everyday. It's like a little Ariel with legs bopping around! It's an adorable set. Total must have! Both of these oufits will be available at The Playroom, also beginning June 1st!

That's it! 5 Princess, you can go and grab one right now, but you have to wait just a little for the other four. Not too too long! Follow us below for a full description of what we're wearing!


ʚ.The Princesses

ʚ.On Riley
.:LBM:. Modern Belle Tunic
-LaViere- Gemma  Browns
jk: Tropica Sandals - TD - Black
Noodles - Enchanted Rose Necklace

ʚ.On Livvy
.:LBM:. Modern Mermaid Outfit
Magika- Little/Un-rigged
.trinket.Bicycle bracelet/silver 
.trinket.-you are my sunshine bracelet
NoodlesTiny Giraffe Studs Gold

ʚ.On Sophie
.:LBM:. Modern Jasmine Outfit
Truth- Elyse
Noodles- Whole New World Tiara Gold/Diamond Plushie Pal

ʚ.On Katie
.:LBM:. Frost Princess
CaTwa- Elsa Hair 
O.M.E.N- You're a Star earrings in yellow

ʚ.On Payton
.:LBM:. Modern Snow
[INK] Hair___BPPYO ::Coal
.trinket. sunshine bracelet duo

That's it! Now it's your turn to be a modern princess! Go grab yours! I hope your Thursday is wonderful and bright and full of hope. Have a great one!
xo, Riles....


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