Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fight fear for the selfish pain, it was worth it every time.....ɞ


Happy Tuesday everyone! I have a simple look of the day for you. Something I like to just wear when I'm running around or hanging with family, so I thought I'd just share!

For my hair, I'm wearing the Elsa hair from Catwa! It's rigged mesh and super cute! I really like that its's pulled back off my face so I can run around with it! For a top I have on a clothing tee layer from Little Closet! I actually find myself wearing these often. They're great for under cardigans, jackets, vests or on their own. They're a definitely essential for any TD inventory! For pants, I have on Turducken's Kawaii Animal leggings! They're insanely cute and so so cozy! For my shoes, my favourite play shoes from Turducken's sassy outfit! And of course my bunny friend has to come with me! It's from Just kidding and can be found at Limited 50!

That's it, just something cute and fun, and an idea if you ever just wanna wear something cozy and run around in it!!


ʚ.Today's Look
jk: Baby Nikki Skin - Tone B
CATWA HAIR Elsa ToddleeDoo [5]

ʚ.Clothing & Extras
Little Closet - Basic T-Shirts - White
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Kawaii Animal Leggings - Blue
jk: my old bunbun for L50 may
Turducken ToddleeDoo - Sassy Outfit - Blue
.trinket. ribbon and pearl bracelet

ʚ.Events Mentioned
Limited Fifty

That's it, I'll see you in a few days for another blog! Have an amazing night!

xo, Riles...


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