Sunday, October 5, 2014

Be Lazy On A Sunday......ɞ

Happy Sunday everyone! I normally don't blog on weekends, but I was doing my Lazy Sunday shopping earlier and I just had to blog a small LOTD with with two of the items I picked up! They're super cute and I actually dressed one down with the other, so check it out!


I love fall colours. There is something so cozy and warm about them and they make me SO excited to dress for the weather! I really like leggings under anything in the fall too, like the first shot above! The dress, leggings and boots are one of the 3 choices of this outfit you'll find at Pudding Pop! It's a store I haven't blogged yet but I am SO excited I found the little shop, because I definitely will be blogging more from there in the future! As said, there are three different colour choices you can choose from. The top and the boots are the same, but the skirts and the leggings are different! One is a black and white medium to thick stripe skirt and the other was a solid light grey clay sort of colour. I'm probably going back to get the other two tonight. I stood there for a good 10 minutes trying to decide which one I loved the most! 
To accent the outfit I added a new scarf from .Trinket. that you can play for at the Candy Fair. This one was a gift from my lovely seastar Payton! It's the rare and it's rare because you can change the colour on it, which pretty much means I'll be wearing it in a different colour like... always! Then of course, a pretty crown from Junbug you can ind at the Candy Fair- because I'm a Princess!

For my second look, I hung my dress up and got cozy in my appropriately made Lazy Sunday outfit from Little Nerds! It's a cozy dark charcoal sweater with little grey hearts and it's perfect for running around outside, or lazing about the house... which is my every Sunday! I loved that I was able to completely change my look and tone it down with the simple swap of my dress for the sweater, I really love it when full outfits are diverse enough that I can make a new one with other pieces!

That's it! I really hope your Sunday is wonderful. You'll probably see a Thanksgiving post at some point this week- as it's MY Thanksgiving next weekend! SO stay tuned!


ʚ......Pudding Pop[PP] Nessie
ʚ.......trinket. candy dot scarf - mystery flavor rare Candy Fair 
ʚ......*{Junbug}* Highland Crown [Silver] @ Candy Fair 
ʚ.......ploom. Honey - Browns

ʚ......[Little Nerds] Sweater {HEARTS}
ʚ......*{Junbug}* Highland Crown [Silver]
ʚ.......ploom. Honey - Browns
ʚ......Pudding Pop[PP] Nessie (Leggings & Boots only)

Have a good one!
xo, Riles.....


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