Monday, October 13, 2014

Safest Place To Hide..........ɞ

Happy beginning of the week! I know it's Monday and generally Mondays tend to be awful but we're getting SO close to Halloween. I am actually probably one of the few people who completely dislikes Halloween because I'm terrified of everything but what I do love is the abundance of events and clothing that happen around this time! Because if I love anything, I love me some cute new stuff!

Do you see this cute stuff I'm wearing? Adorable huh? Okay going to start at the top and work my way down! So for my adorable, perfect for Halloween hair, I'm wearing one from Argrace! It's SO perfect for this holiday season! It's a freebie too and now out at the store. I swear, I saw it an squeed! It's mesh but non-rigged so we can wear it and it's SO easy to resize. It's a complete must have! Moving down to my outfit, I'm wearing a sneak peek from Turducken that will be out at the Trunk or Treat fair! There are 3 knit dresses available, this purple bat was well as a pumpkin and a ghost! I paired it with the leggings also from Turducken found at the event! They're cute nylons that will be available in black, white and purple! They're so perfect for this season and they come with an underwear option for under dresses and skirts and without! Make sure you grab these! They're absolutely perfect! For my wolf friend. it's from Larnia Kids! It's adorable and really great for Halloween! This cute item can be found at The Family Flea Market


Speaking of the Flea Market, make sure you get a chance to stop by! It's open until the 27th, and they have some really cute things! I picked up Minuet's sweaters! I'm wearing one of the Lace Heart Tops! They come in greyscale sets and pastels. They also have 2 other top sets that are Halloween themed and so lovely! They're all so cute for the cooler weather hitting us in our second life world! For my hair, it's from Argrace as well. It's a low up do with a messy but adorable bun at the back that sits off to side the a little! It's the 'Upper Part' of the hair and unrigged! It would actually look insanely adorable with a cute headband or a bow too if yo want to dress it up! I topped off the two outfits with leggings and my always go to t-straps from Turducken!


That's it! Make sure you stay tuned and check out the end of this post for a little blurb about an upcoming event! Also I've had a lot of IMs about what skin I wear and if I'd provide my 'look' basics! Of course! I'll try and remember to include that in every post from now on!

ʚ........*ARGRACE* Wizard hat - Women - Chocolate
ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Knit Halloween Dress - Bat  *Coming Soon @ Trunk or Treat*
ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Bat Tights - White - Panty *Coming Soon @ Trunk or Treat*
ʚ........~* Larnia Kids *~ werewolf pillow buddy *@ Family Flea Market*
ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Sassy Outfit {Shoes Only}

ʚ........*ARGRACE* Lily - Dark Browns
ʚ........Minuet - Lace Heart Top - Greyscale {Light Grey} *@ Family Flea Market*
ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Sassy Outfit {Shoes Only}
ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Plain Leggings - Neutral Black

ʚ........Skin: [AMITOMO]Sassy Tone2
ʚ........Shape: Made by me!
ʚ........Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes - Glass
ʚ........Extras:  the kid company. lashes. natural. {Not Available Anymore}
ʚ........the kid company. tattoo flushed face. {Not Available Anymore}
ʚ........-Glam Affair - Gemma - Moles 01
ʚ........[PXL] OpenMouth Pro EXP: BabyTeeth

There you go! Okay, so a few days ago I mentioned Trunk or Treat @ the sandlot! I'm so excited that it's SO close! There are already some amazing ads on the Flick HERE and I just wanted ti remind you guys and get YOU guys as excited as I am! Also there is a list of bloggers that were invited to blog the event that YOU can check out too! I'll be going in tomorrow for the blogger preview and I'll have a blog out tomorrow with a TON of cute things to look for, so make sure you check in!

Have an amazing day and I'll see you soon!
xo, Riles.....ɞ


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