Saturday, October 11, 2014

I turn around and you're comin' in........ɞ


Happy weekend! I loove the weekend and I'm so happy it's here. I have a small LOTD for you today featuring a few different items that I am so so excited to show you! So let's get to it!

For my outfit I have a really happy and super cute looking outfit from Little Nerds! I put on this sweater and was like 'Oh yea- everyone needs to see this'! Its such a happy and I feel like every time I look at it I can't help but smile! With this outfit came super cute black legging/jeans and they actually come down and half way up your feet, which I loooove so much! I really like the small details too, like the shadowing and the wrinkle lines! You can grab the outfit for Lazy Sunday! For my adooorable shoes, which you'll see more of from both Tess and I this week- are a pair of adorable metal plated flats! These perfect flats are form Noodles and can be found a The Seasons Story this month! It's a gatchas so a ton of different colours are available and they come in regular sizes AND for us Toddleedoos- so no resizing is required! I really like this pair actually, the floral set and I just- Guh I saw them and squealed! For my perfect necklace, it's also from Noodles- and if anyone knows me well, you know that my Disney Princess is Belle and this necklace has a line from the first song in the movie on it and its just.... so so perfect- and they come in 4 different metals and sized for TDs! Necklaces are also found at The Secret Story.

Lastly, my hair is BRAND new from Ploom and can be found at the Mystic Realms event! It's so so cute. The bows can be worn with the hair or without and they're colour change! The hair is an easy edit to get it to fit right and just so so perfect! It's a complete must have! I loooove it! And super lastly, I may have fallen and scraped my face a little! The tattoo layer is new form Little Nerds and it comes with another version as well and you can wear them together or separately like I did because we're kids and we're clumsy!

ʚ........Noodles - Prince Charming Story Necklace Silver
ʚ........Noodles - Amelia TD Flat Blue Floral RARE
ʚ........[Little Nerds] Happy Face Sweater w/  Jeans
ʚ........[Little Nerds] Cheek Booboo
ʚ.........ploom. Sugar - Ploomage

That's it, I hope the rest of your weekend is amazing! It's my Thanksgiving this weekend so for alll you Canadians, have an amazing one too!
xo, Riles...


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