Wednesday, October 22, 2014

There's something about the sunshine baby......ɞ

Happy Wednesday! It's nice and warm here at the Grand Canyon today! I had a little time so I decided to stop into the sweet shop, read a little and do a quick LOTD!


SO, there is super pretty little shop at the grand canyon! It has sweets and teas and books! I put on one of my favourite outfits right now from Blubb! It's a small little shop, but if you love the softer, muted, pastel colours, then you will for sure love the articles at this store! The jumper I'm wearing has such a pretty floral pattern and the shirt has a white version of the pattern! I have on matching shoes and they're just perfect! For leggings I put on my most favourite Cannibelle leggings! For my new hair, it's brand new and out today at Magika! It's SO pretty and whispy. I love bows and updos do this little is a perfect hair in every aspect!

Lastly, I'm not sure if you've noticed and I'll shed more light on them in my neck post or so, but my ears are mesh! I have mesh ears on my adult and I was SO excited when I found mesh ones for TDs at Cute Bytes! They have a version with earrings and without!


This is it, the entire look together with a little peek of the Canyon street in the background!

ʚ..........{Blubb} Rose Garden Jumper
ʚ..........**Cute Bytes** Bubbly Pierced Ears
ʚ..........Magika [01] Beans
ʚ..........~Cannibelle~ Frankie & Benjy Tights for TD
ʚ..........+Half-Deer+ Forest's Tale - Petals and Pearls Bracelet - White
ʚ Infinity Scarf 6
ʚ..........Sari-Sari - I <3 Books! {Pose4}

That's it, a super small LOTD for today! I hope your day is wonderful and sparkly!
xo, Riles....


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