Friday, October 3, 2014

But I keep cruisin' can't, won't stop movin'...........ɞ

Happy Friday beauties! I hope your week went by quickly and well! I have another one of those haul posts for you guys! As always the beginning of the month gets so so bust with events, and releases. There is always so much coming and being sold so it's always mayham! But with mayham comes amazing goodies and that's exactly what I have for you!

Just take a tiny gander....


I'm sure you've noticed my beautiful bench I'm sitting on! It's so pretty and and I have always loved that 'shabby chic' look. It's by Windsong, and it's full of poses. You are actually going to see it again in an upcoming decor post because it's part of my new room! The pose I'm actually using doesn't coming with the bench it's a separate pose from Lost Illusions and out for All The Little Things this month! It's a really cute pose that actually has a kid sitting on a hay bale but I was inspired when I saw the bench from Windsong! For my hair I have on this brand new hair from Ploom and I'm sure you can guess where it's from.... Yep! The Candy Fair! It is this super pretty bow hair with little lollipops and it even comes with a lollipop for you to eat! A definite must have.

See my little bat friend? That's Battalaroo! He's from Alouette and you can find him and many other friends at Woodlands Gacha! They come in a bunch of different colours and they're so cute! My adorable cozy sweater is from Little Closets newest release. Now I suggest getting the fatpack- because if you're getting more then one sweater. you're pretty much covering the cost of the fatpack... so basically you're getting a BUNCH of cute shirts for the price of 2 or 3. That's the same with all the other items.  For my purse, Zenith purse from this past arcade (I LOVE lambs and deer)! You've seen my cute boots before by Millie Bee and my shorts from Turducken!


Okay! for this next look, it's a bunch of pieces again! Let's start at the top!

See my cute mouse ears? They're by Noodles and can be found at the Candy Fair- this is a pair of the rare ones in pink! My hair is an other hair from La'viere and one of my all time favourites. Now I'd love to point out my super cute bracelet! These are by Made With Love and they're loom bracelets. They com in a bunch of other colours over at Woodlands Gacha- and they have stuff for both girls and boys! Moving down, my adorable Halloween theme sweater is by Two by Sea! It's a super cute hoodie that is also offered in different colours over at All The Little Things- a total must have too! On my little feet, I have crazy cozy socks by Just Kidding from Woodlands Gacha! They're so warm and great for running around the house in (and the rare ones are bloody)! Lastly, behind me is a cute vampire cupcake by Babysteps- called Bunnycula from Woddlands Gacha! Cute for Halloween decor!


For my third little photo, nothing too crazy! This cute jumper is by Petite Bebe and I've got on the Unicorn rare version from Woodlands Gacha. It's really lovely and I'd so wear it as Pj's. The one thing I had an issue with was finding a to work with it and i had to get a touch creative. I use a Magika hair and turned the back pieces invisible but it worked SO perfectly, it's really easy to do! For my cute bunny friend, he's from Bad Seed Boutique! He's really cute and a little scary but in a good way! There are a bunch like him in the Gacha machine at Woodlands Gacha!


For the two photos above I stole my beautiful seastar Payton to help me! We picked pumpkins (...and I made her pull me....)! I wanted to show off two adorable poses from two different stores. The one on top is from Say Cheese! It's a cuuute pose and one of a small collections at Woodlands. The one bellow is from GlamRus Poses as so perfect for harvest time! Both come with the wagon and the pumpkins too so it's really easy to create a pretty scene. On Payton you're seeing the Little Closet sweater again, with hair from wasabi, cute .click. scarf, cute leggings from Haute Tots which I love by the way and adorable boots by Tee*fy and she's accented her hair with a headband by Olive!

I've got on a top by Minuet from Woodlands gacha! The top is super cute and they all have adorable fall sayings on them. For my hair it's from Truth. Now, it's found at Uber, which is not a kids event and I had seen this hair on a few kids and I found it tended to look a little grown up. I bought it anyway, because I being able to make hairs that are necessarily for us kids... work.. for us kids. I had to edit it a little because there is a beautiful style of comb over that sits really high on the head. I copied the hair (ALWAYS make a copy when editting hair) and I made those pieces invisible and voila, you get the same hair, just a little toned down for us. I just loove the curls and I had to make it work! I'm so glad I did!


That's it! Make sure you check out all these different events (please bring a parent to Uber). You're guaranteed to find something at one of them if you didn't find anything here!

ʚ.ɞ ʚ.ɞ ʚ.ɞ ʚ.ɞ ʚ.ɞ ʚ.ɞ

Featured Pose: {L.I.} Hay-loween (Single) @ All The Little Things

ʚ......*windsong. ; forever love bench
ʚ......=Zenith=little Sheep Bag
ʚ.......ploom. Lollipop Girl - Ploomage @ Candy Fair
ʚ......Alouette - Bat Plushie - Dotti @ Woodlands Gacha
ʚ......Little Closet - Comfy Sweater - Coal
ʚ......Turducken ToddleeDoo - Lace Shorts - White
ʚ......*-[ { M*B } ]-* Minnetonka Boots.

ʚ......Noodles - Mouse Sweets Ears Pink RARE Candy Fair
ʚ......[TbS] Spider Hoodie TDb [Orange] All The Little Things
ʚ......[Made With Love] Double Loom Bracelet - Pink & White Woodlands Gacha
ʚ......-LaViere- Tiffany  Browns
ʚ......Turducken ToddleeDoo - Plain Leggings - Neutral Black
ʚ......jk: Fall Gatcha Socks - Red Woodlands Gacha
ʚ......{Babysteps} Bunnycula Cupcake Woodlands Gacha

ʚ......Magika [01] Little *Edited to fit*
ʚ......[Buzz] Kaleido Glasses - Gold
ʚ......Bad Seed Boutique- Zombunny/Pink Woodlands Gacha
ʚ......:.PB.: Petite Bebe - Unicorn Costume RARE Woodlands Gacha

Featured Pose.1: [SC] Say Cheese! ~Pumpkin Wagon~
Featured Pose.2: .GlamRus Kidz. Pumpkin Cuties AD

ʚ......Little Closet - Comfy Sweater - Cream
ʚ......HauTe Tots*  Heather 
ʚ......Tee*fy Chloe Slouchy Booties Sand
ʚ Infinity Scarf 5
ʚ.......Olive. the Winking at You Head Bow - Small
ʚ....../Wasabi Pills/ Marin Mesh Hair - Browns Pack

ʚ......Minuet - Fall Love Tee - Fall Fabulous - BABY Woodlands Gacha
ʚ Infinity Scarf 4
ʚ......TRUTH HAIR Vixen -  browns *Edited to fit* @ Uber

That's all! I hope your weekend is sparkly and relaxing and stay tuned for a Thanksgiving blog, coming next week!

xo, Riles......


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