Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The walls kept tumbling down....ɞ

Hi everyone! Gosh I'm excited to be back. I had a little bit of a hiatus there trying to sort out some stuff! I am here now and I've officially dedicated 2 days a week, starting next week to blog on Wednesdays and Fridays! It may not be exactly the same each week, but that is the plan!

That said I have a blog for you today!


Now I love loove fall! I love the colours, the clothing... just everything! However, I've always adored cardigans. They're my go to outfit piece- always. They can be dressed up a little and dressed down. They look pretty accessorized- they're just the bomb! Above I've pulled two Cardigans for you and sort of mix and matched pieces from other outfits. I tend wot wear my cardis with leggings mostly, for maximum comfort as you can see!

In the first photo I have a cardi set from Lil' Big Me. I've got the fatpack and it basically comes with a hud that allows you to change the under top and cardi itself! I've paired it with a pair of black leggings and really cute boots (gasp form last fall season) from Millie Bee and they're the Minnetonka Boots and they come colour change! I'm sure you've spotted me adorable wings! I've been wearing them a ton lately with my pixie AO, they're so cute and super easy to resize! They're new from Noodles and come in a bunch of different colours! Perfect for Halloween or when you want to be a legit pixie! Next I wan to show you this cute and new-ish hair from Ploom! Anyone who knows me, knows I love top-knots because they're super diverse and just really pretty to wear so when I got this one, I was excited!! You need it too!

For my second photo, I have a cardigan from Minuet! They're really simple, but they're perfect to wear if you're wearing a crazy pattern on the bottom or with a scarf! There are multiple colours available and they're actually pretty unisex if you wear the neutral colours! Again, I've gone and paired the cardi with some leggings and this time I've pulled socks and boots from a Turducken outfit from last fall (I like dipping back into older outfits as you can see, so change things up) and lastly, my super cute hair from Argace. You can't see much of it, but it's a really pretty, full fringe up-do with braids on the side and it actually comes with accessories that you can wear if you're dressing up!


Okay, so moving into the more black and white tones for the day. Since Halloween is on it's way, I tend to put the softer and brighter colours on the back burner and pull out the black and the whites and the oranges along side the neutral fall colours. I've sort of featured Little Nerds today because I really really liked all three of these options so I thought they'd be super cute! In the first shot, I'm wearing a Little Nerds anchor jumper paired with a pair of T-strap shes and a pretty scarf from .Click. My knees are a bit of a hot mess and you can get that hot mess from Just Kidding! For hair, a favourite from D!VA!
For my second shot, a Boo Sweater from Little Nerds, paired with black leggings from Turducken. This top is actually perfect for that week leading into Halloween I think and it'll totally be in my clothing rotation for  that week! For hair I'm wearing another new Ploom hair, it's really long but unrigged and SO pretty on, Remember: All Ploom's new hairs are being released rigged AND unrigged, so take advantage of that! 
Lastly but totally not least, an anchor dress from Little Nerds as well, which I have worn with a plain, long-sleeved top under for the winy days! I'm wearing my ASO! rain boots in lavender (totally doesn't match but whatevs) and my Argrace hair!


And that's it! I'm super glad to be back and as a little treat, I'be already begun to line up a blog for Friday- but it may show up sooner! I can't wait to show you more amazing stuff!! Remember to bundle up and keep warm! It's cold season and the weather is getting crazy!

ʚ.ɞ ʚ.ɞ ʚ.ɞ ʚ.ɞ ʚ.ɞ ʚ.ɞ

ʚ.......ploom.Brooke - Ploomage
ʚ......{Lil Big Me} Cardi Outfits Fatpack
ʚ......*-[ { M*B } ]-* Minnetonka Boots.
ʚ......Noodles - Wonderland Wings White Solid
ʚ......Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Plain Leggings - Neutral Black
ʚ......*ARGRACE* SHIORI - Dark Browns (Upper Part Only)

ʚ......Minuet - White Cardigan
ʚ......Turducken ToddleeDoo - Lana Outfit (Socks and Boots)
ʚ......Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Plain Leggings - Neutral Black


ʚ......[Little Nerds] Anchor Jumper - BABY
ʚ......Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Sassy Outfit (Shoes Only)
ʚ Infinity Scarf 6
ʚ......Sweet Baby - Pacifier Generation 2M2
ʚ......""D!va"" Hair "Juno" (Brown diamond) -Type B

ʚ.......ploom. Pea V2 - Ploomage
ʚ......[[Little Nerds] Boo Outfit - TD
ʚ......[Little Nerds] This is my Halloween Costume - (Boots Only)
ʚ......Turducken ToddleeDoo - Plain Leggings - Neutral Black

ʚ......[Little Nerds] Heart Anchor Dress Outfit  - TD {Bloggers}
ʚ......ASO! Rain Boots (lavender) RARE
ʚ......*ARGRACE* SHIORI - Dark Browns (Upper Part Only)
ʚ......Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Plain Leggings - Neutral Black

Have an amazing week everyone!


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