Wednesday, October 8, 2014

LOTD & Other Stuff........ɞ


Happy Wednesday everyone! We're midway through the week! Yay! So I have little LOTD for you today with apples... yaaaay apples! I love apples!

Okay so what I love about the kid community lately, is there are so many choices out there for outfits and such. I love finding new stores too and small ones that I can't wait to see build. I went shopping a little today and found Tiptoes! It's super small right now, but that they do have is pretty darn cute. I picked out this beige and white number that is so perfect for fall. I love the little details like the buttons on the sleeve! I also love the leggings and if you look close you'll see it has a pretty knit detail. The shoes are so perfect for fall weather and lastly, this adorable little headband. It has flowers and leaves on it, but it works just so perfectly with the whole outfit!

To complete the look, I wore a Wasabi Pills hair! Now, if you don't have this hair already, you need to go like right now! It's just simply adorable and the absolute perfect hair! Go! What are you waiting for?!

That's it, however, please scroll beyond the credits to see what;s coming up soooo super soon!


ʚ........ tiptoes - Autumn Love {wear me} (unpacked)
ʚ......./Wasabi Pills/ Marin Mesh Hair - Browns Pack

Super simple LOTD but really great and perfect for fall! Don't forget to read below...!



So! I realllly love me new stuff from cute events! Of course! So Trunk or Treat at the Sandlot is coming up and if you look at the poster below, there are some amazing stores taking part- like seriously amazing. Myself and Tess are so super fortunate to be able to blog the event, so you'll see a sneak peek of some of the awesome things shortly before it opens! The event is a Halloween event and it is just before Halloween so you're bound to find some awesome things for that creepy day! So! Stay tuned, mark October 15th on your Calenders and don't forget to check back the day before for a special sneak peek!

(To keep an eye on items being sold at the event, check out the flickr! Right here! Feel free to add me to flickr as well! Right Here!) 


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