Sunday, October 26, 2014

I'm on your magical mystery ride......ɞ

Happy Sunday Night! I truly hope your weekend has been amazing and inspiring! Today I have a soon to be released- release for you from Turducken! I'm so so excited to share it with you all!


I love love fall jackets! It's one thing what I feel like we don't have enough of in SL so when I released this amazing release to blog, I was SO excited to see a few jackets in the pack! So above I have on, and it's so crazy perfect for fall. As I've said soo many times I'm a stickler for details. Small details like gentle frills and tags are so important to me, like the lace on this cardigan! It really gives the jacket a little extra something, and each cardigan also comes in a plain version and a floral so if you're paired it with a busy legging like the ones I put on, then you have an option to wear the jacket plain to tone the whole outfit down! Now, my leggings are also new! There a bunch of different floral patterned leggings in this release and they're so pretty and really diverse! The come with cuffs too, a lace version and a plain version to wear with flats! I've paired this ensemble up with boots from Little Nerds, a necklace and coin purse from Noodles, a tee from Little Closet and a hair from LaViere!


For this second outfit I've put together from this Turducken release; a water jacket since it was getting a touch chilly! The jacket I put on is simple perfect and it's a bomber jacket style! It's great because it can be a little diverse too! The jacket comes with pom poms- and you have an option to wear them or not, and I found that the pom poms add a little more of a wintery feel so I've left them out for this! The jacket is just adorable and the shadowing is perfect- it adds such a sense of realism. I'm excited to be able to wear this through the fall and winter! I paired this up with a new Truth hair too! I love the curls in this amazing style, and it comes it its own hair bow, however I changed it up a little and wore the one from Magika! It'll need a little resizing, but it's quick and easy!

For leggings, I a, wearing my jeggings from Little Nerds and my flats from Noodles to make this outfit perfect!


For my final outfit! I paired a few things together that you'll be able to find at Turducken very very soon! A beautiful and detailed cardigan! From the frills at the bottom to the lovely buttons, it's a great fall cardigan and I love so much that it sits lower in the back. I paired this amazing jacket up with a skirt from the last release actually, and it works SO well with the cardigan. Also, socks from 2 releases ago, another pair of Noodles flats, my flower crown from Half-Deer and my new hair from Magika without the bow!


There you have it! Make sure you keep your eye out for this release, you're going to want it and really, you neeeeeed it. BOYS there are a lot of pieces for you two, outfits, sweaters etc! So, make sure you check it out as well!

ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Julia Cardigans {Cream} *Coming Soon*
ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Floral Leggings {Colour} *Coming Soon*
ʚ........Little Closet - Basic T-Shirts {Cream}
ʚ........[Little Nerds] Vintage Brown Leather Boots
ʚ........Noodles - Enchanted Rose Necklace
ʚ........Noodles - Gracie Pug Coin Purse White
ʚ........-LaViere-Darya Browns {Dark Chocolate}

ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Akira Jackets {Cream} *Coming Soon*
ʚ........TRUTH HAIR Demelza -  browns
ʚ........[Little Nerds] Happy Face Sweater {Jeans}
ʚ........Noodles  - Amelia TD Flat R Beige Floral RARE
ʚ........Magika  [Headband] Group Gift

ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Aioke Sweaters {Pink} *Coming Soon*
ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Denim Skirt  {Dark Wash}
ʚ........Magika [01] Beans {No Bow Version}
ʚ........Turducken ToddleeDoo  - Pointelle Socks {White}
ʚ........Noodles  - Amelia TD Flat {Ballet}
ʚ........+Half-Deer+ Forest's Tale - Flower Crown

That's it! I really hope your coming week is full of magic and amazingness. Stay tuned for a Halloween Blog this week!
xo, Riles....


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