Monday, October 6, 2014

Pretty In Pink..........ɞ


Hai there! I have a tiny little LOTD today for you all! I wasn't going to blog but Lil' Big Me JUST released two adorable outfits in different colours! I was feel exceptionally girls so I decided to put on the pink outfit! Now, one of the most important things 'I' think about being a blogger is, is talking to about what exactly I'm blogging. So if you've ever wondered my blogs are long winded... that's why! 

Okay, so first off I noticed the really pretty soft pink colour, it's originally why it caught my eye. I really love the detailing of the wrinkles and folds, it brings such a cute realism to the outfit! The skirt is really pretty too, the floral pattern works so so perfectly with the top and small accent belt! The outfit is topped with matching shoes, a beautiful bracelet and the necklace you see me wearing! Hurry! Go grab it- it literally JUST was released at the mainstore!

In addition to the outfit, I have on Turducken's over the knee socks that were released within the last 2 releases and a hair from Love Soul!

That's it! Somewhat short and sweet!


ʚ.......[LOVE SOUL] Hair*148*Bitter Brown
ʚ.......{Lil Big Me} Addie Complete Outfit
ʚ.......Turducken ToddleeDoo - Pointelle Socks {White}
ʚ.......[PXL] OpenMouth Pro EXP: BabyTeeth

Hope the rest of your Monday is amazing!
xo, Riles


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