Saturday, October 18, 2014

No, I won't ask you.......ɞ

Happy weekend! I'm so so sooo happy it's the weekend especially because I'm headed to the Grand Canyon with my family! Mhm, I was just getting ready to go when I thought, hmmm I should do an LOTD with this 'travel look'! Soooo here it is!


I don't know about you, but when I travel, I love to look cute but the most important thing is comfort. If I'm going to be stuck for any length of time on a plane or car, you can bet your pet goat that I will be in something super cozy! Of course, I'll look cute doing it!

I went for my favourites here. I love deers, if any animal was going to be 'my animal' it's a deer/fawn. I love how elegant they are so usually if something has a deer on it, I've got it. Like my sweater! This adorable sweater is from TipToes! I've blogged the cute store once before I thought I had seen this shirt there, so I went back and sure enough, taaadaaa! A deer sweater! It's so cozy looking and it has polka dots- dude, polka dots! Who doesn't LOVE polka dots?! I grabbed my jeggings from Little Nerds to match the black on the sweater and to contrast against the soft brown and polka dots, then slipped on the boots that came with the sweater and voooilllla! A cozy outfit, worthy of a plane ride!

For my accessories, my absolutely perfect scarf that will get me through the fall AND winter. It's from Snips & Snails and can be found at The Seasons Story! This scarf comes in multiple sizes too! Literally for EVERYONE! Then I have my cute cuuute Clawtooth headband from a hair a few Arcades back then lastly my absolutely perfect deer travel purse from Zenith (I rotate through 3 different ones!) and my princess ring from Yummy!

I'm sure you've noticed my hair! I had bought a few hairs form Chemistry when they released about a week or two ago. I put them away in my 'to blog' folder and forgot about them so today when I was searching I found that folder and I was SOOOO excited. This hair is one where I looked at it and said 'okay this could go either way- it could look so cute or just horrible on me'. Because not everything works on round heads! Sure enough it worked and super well. If you haven't been here before, I suggest you check it out fashionistas, because there are a bunch of hairs we can wear! This one was just adorable when I put it on and sized it and it's really easy to size! I just love it, and I don'r have many hairs that are like this, so it was nice to have a bit of a change!

For decor (excluding the fall stuff cuz my mommy decorated in front of the house), I pulled out my Tres Blah suicases, which I have a TON of because they're so handy! My cute Mudhoney dolly that has different outfit changes available, my Dream Doll suitcase that I've had for... 3... 4 years? And my super cute trunk of Minuet! Which I adore and have another one in a different colour in my room!


That's it! Now I am on vacation this week in SL, but I will be blogging, just blogging from the Grand Canyon (aka: the Canyon of Much Grandness)! I'll see you in a day or two!


ʚ.......... tiptoes - Little Deer *Shoes & Sweater*
ʚ..........S&S. Soopascarf 01 - Mint
ʚ.........(Yummy) Dianity Tiara Ring - Blue
ʚ.........Clawtooth: Temptation Bow Headband (Green w/white dots)
ʚ.........=Zenith=Deer Bag
ʚ.........(Chemistry) Hair - Violet
ʚ.........[Little Nerds] Happy Face Sweater w/  Jeans *Jeans Only*
ʚ.........-tb- Bon Voyage - Stacked Suitcases
ʚ.........{Dream Doll} Dotty Lilac Trunk
ʚ.........Minuet Shabby Trunks
ʚ.........MudHoney Dolly - Evie

I hope your weekend is super fabulous! Have an amazing one!
xo, Riles....


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