Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I may run and hide when you're screaming my name.........ɞ

We're soo close to Halloween! Anyone who knows super well, knows that Halloween uis simply not my thing, I'm pretty much scared of everything, but I do loove looooove to dress up so much. I've been shopping and collecting the last couple days for some cuute costumes from different stores. Let me tell you, there are SO many amazing costumes so today I'm going to show you a few of my favourites!

SO my first costume is from Turducken and it's a SUPER cute costume- a pirate costume. Just one of the few costumes you'll find at the store! It comes with everything you see too. From the perfectly fitted pirate patch, to the pirate that has a built in pose so you can carry it around to even the peg leg which I found sooo adorable. But you have a boot option just in case you're not into the peg leg. Its' such a great outfit if you love pirates! I chose the new Truth hair to complete this look!


For the second costume I'm excited to show you, it's a sea princess dress. If pirate or scary isn't your thing and you love pretty dresses, then this is a costume for you! It's a really pretty dress. You should see the pretty details on the back, they're really gently buttons. The colouring on the skirt is really pretty. The material gives almost a shimmer feel with a bunch of pretty colours. You can find this entire outfit, including the tiara at Lil' Big Me!


If you want to be something scary but want to lean towards cute too, then Tip Toes has a ton of really cute costumes. A few are cute versions that would normally be scary and a few are actually scary! I chose a little ghoul costume. It's soo soo adorable. It's like ballerina meets ghoul! I love the pretty tiara that comes with it and face paint! It really looks like a parent helped put the makeup on! It's an adorable choice! To make this outfit perfect- I topped it off with hair from Magika, like the outfit above!


I was SO excited when I came across this costume. I adored Malificent so so much, so when I was bopping around, I came across Kyoot! Then I saw it... an adorable Malificent costume. It was simply perfect! I love the dress it works so well! The horns and wings are equally as perfect. I paired this hair up with a ploom hair!

One of my all time favourite movies is The Wizard of Oz. Not gonna lie, it scared me for a loong time but it became one of my cozy up movies. When I was searching, I came across a store called Adore! There was an adorable and perfect Dorthy costume. Complete with red shoes, a basket and and aaaaaand a toto! The outfit is so simply perfect and detailed. I just love it and one I'll wear a lot, probably like most of these costumes. So if you're looking for something cutesy and fun, this is a great pick and it looks magical with this Lelutka hair!


If you're looking for something.. darker, but still girly, this will probably be a great look for you! If the black pigtails and black dress wasn't a dead give-away; I'm dressed as Wednesday Adams! You could even go a touch paler with your skin too. This dress is from Cute Bytes and it comes with the socks and shoes too! It's a creepy look, but not so scary, that you won't want to look at yourself! It's a great costume and so well done! The hair I wore is an older hair from Elikatira. If you don't already have it, the one from Chemistry is simply perfect for it! I have it blogged below- a few photos down!


For my last costume, it's a little old, but it's just insanely cute and I had to add it. I think I own it in every colour. It's from Baby Princess. It's find of like a monkey kitty but it's so darling! The tail is cute and I've bopped around in this on more then one occasion and it's a great costume, as long as it's warm out! For my cat/monkey hair, it's from Laviare!


Now, if you're more of a Halloween dress or Halloween Outfit kind of person,... then the next two are more for you!

I thought this outfit was funny. It's one of two versions! This one says ' This is my halloween costume'. The other says, 'My costume is in the wash'! Both are equally as funny! It's from Little Nerds and perfect if you're in the Halloween spirit but not one for costumes! My hair is the new braided pigtails from Chemistry!


To step the look above up a notch and wear something without leggings but in a dress form, this dress from Soken Kids is for you! There are multiple versions of it too, all Halloween themed too! I really love these so much! I paired this perfect dress with a Chemistry hair too! I love it!


I'm sure you'e noticed my really cute Halloween background! The kitty lights are from Windsong, along with the awesome tumbstone, the creepy sign and the Happy Halloween Sign! They're so well done and great to decorate you home/shop with! My kitty is from Boogers and I loove them, they're one of a few! Lastly, my pumpkin bucket is from Snips & Snails! They're great Halloween buckets and there are a bunch of different ones available!

Phew that's it! I hope you pulled some ideas from here, or it even inspired you to search for other costumes from these adorable creators. There are so many out there and they're all amazing!

ʚ.........Turducken ToddleeDoo - Pirate Costume
ʚ.........TRUTH HAIR Demelza -  browns

ʚ.........{Lil Big Me} Sea Princess
ʚ.........Magika [01] Beans

ʚ.......... tiptoes - Little Ghoul {wear me} (unpacked)
ʚ.........Magika [01] Beans

ʚ.........That's So {Kyoot} - Baby Maleficent
ʚ..........ploom. Brooke - Ploomage

ʚ..........:{Adore}:. Rainbow Dreamer
ʚ.........[LeLutka]-FRANCINE hair/Dark Brunette

ʚ.........**Cute Bytes** Holiday Dress - Wednesday
ʚ.........[e] Quirky - Essentials Collection

ʚ.........:*BABY*: MewMew - PinkYe
ʚ.........-LaViere- Miki Browns

ʚ.........[Little Nerds] This is my Halloween Costume
ʚ.........(Chemistry) Hair - Prue

ʚ.........[SKTD] TD KittyBow ALine Straight Dress
ʚ.........(Chemistry) Hair - Violet

ʚ.........*windsong. ; halloween cat garland { white }
ʚ.........*windsong. ; happy halloween garland
ʚ.........*windsong. ;tombstone yard decor
ʚ.........*windsong. ; wood sign of doom
ʚ.........<:*BoOgErS*:> Kitty play spider
ʚ..........S&S. Halloween Bucket - Pumpkin Patch  [RARE]

That's all! Yay! I'm so happy to finally have this out for everyone. I really hope your Halloween is amazing, and stay tuned tomorrow because I have a special little blog planned, featuring an amazing little shop!
xo, Riles.......


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